This is my story.

“Have you got a good idea? Share it with me.” These words changed my life.

My name’s Manuel and I’m 38 years old. I’m a dreamer, a visionary and I would say quite a reflective type. I’m an inventor and I have been one ever since I was a child. I am passionate about anything that helps change the environment around me and the world in general. Every time I have an idea I write it down in my “ideas diary.” I have already realised some of these, while others are awaiting the future. I would like to create a “factory of ideas,” a container where creative people and inventors can find space to develop and realise their dreams, ideas and projects of all kinds. I’m very lucky. I married Arianna in 2003 and I have two children, Filippo who is 6 and Sara, who was born on June 2nd last year. I attended Padua University and have a degree in engineering. I started my business career as a family banker for Banca Mediolanum where I met Ennio Doris, the man who changed my life.

When I started working for Banca Mediolanum, I had a dream: an idea that stuck in my head from when I was on my honeymoon in Kenya in 2003. It was simple; I wanted to cut the exorbitant tariffs for the calls made and received from abroad; I had been paying €6 a minute for each call made and received. Outrageous! I needed financial backing for this project and heard that Ennio Doris could be the right person. I wanted to explain my idea to him as I had heard through Banca Mediolanum about the article in “Capital” magazine regarding the famous meeting between Ennio and Silvio Berlusconi at Portofino.

In 1981, Capital magazine published this interview with Silvio Berlusconi, who concluded saying: “Have you got a good idea? Share it with me.” Ennio Doris had one of those good ideas to present to Silvio and, six months later, on 2 February 1982 the two began “Programma Italia” which became Banca Mediolanum in 1996.

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